Sunday, January 9, 2011

Letter From Mateusz

It was a chill atmosphere on Monday, January 3rd. Rain came falling, grey skies surrounded all over the places, laying around without any burden on my mind it's something that we barely missed while living in this city, the city of troubles. At the same day it was my first shoot in 2011, welcoming the new resolution with my fellow friend Shadtoto Prasetio and new Polish muses who just lost in Jakarta, Mateusz Rogenbuk.

I just knew him 2 weeks ago via social networking while he was in Hongkong through my friend Bhisan Rai. Just have a conversation with Mateusz at once and the next day He just appeared in front of me like a ghost, singing without any word, He quickly transformed into something that invites to catch him. Here's some of memories that I barely to remember, I called it a 'Letter From Mateusz', enjoy :)

'Letter From Mateusz'

Photography Teuku Ajie
Styling Shadtoto Prasetio
Model Mateusz Rogenbuk at Posh

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yhzkyl said...

I like all the photos! You captured him awesomely