Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Nu Year :))

"Happy Nu Year everybody :)) wishes you all have a wonderful memories this year and let's become more colourful next year, Happy 2011!!! Blow the horn!!! (kiss & hugs)"

Monday, December 20, 2010

HELLO! Introducing Marta Vorobiova

HELLO! One word that comes to turn into an introduction..

Photography Teuku Ajie
Styling Arsy Medina
Hair and Make Up Tania Ledezma
Model Marta Vorobiova at VTM

Note : Special thanks to Ian Kamil and Ema Novia at VTM :)

Climate Climax for DEW Magazine

Climate Climax from teuku ajie on Vimeo.

Impressive story by the director/photographer Shadtoto Prasetio on Climate Climax for DEW Magazine Morning Issue. Juliet Pishnyak at VTM really turning into something, taking direction well from the director, even beyond i ever imagine. Climate Climax as well as it mean is an overview of our nature condition that we're living right now. Shadtoto try to build some concept from 'Morning' Issue and he combine fact and fiction at the same time to deliver great message that are related with the global issue, is a smart one. Fashion Stylist behind this video is Reza Bustami, and i can admirely say he is the next big thing in Indonesia fashion industry, great eyes, great work, and great person as well.

You can visit DEW Magazine to read the complete story of Climate Climax, but right now DEW official site is under maintenance, you can visit later after the next few days.

"Climate Climax"

Director/Editor Shadtoto Prasetio
Fashion Stylist Reza Bustami
Hair and Make Up Tania Ledezma
Lighting Catur
Model Juliet Pishnyak at VTM

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Design Scene : Exclusive Preview DEW Magazine's Morning Issue

Once again Design Scene as a close media partner of DEW Magazine was revealed an exclusive preview for our 2nd publication yesterday. This time they featured 16 editorials coverage from both local and international contributors in our #01 morning issue. Thank you so much for all Design Scene team, thank you for opening the veil and share our stories to bigger international readers. 

Follow this link to read a complete stories from Design Scene :

DEW Magazine Morning Issue Is Officially Published!

Cover Story Photography Sianny W.
Model Drina at JIM

DEW Magazine Morning Issue is officially published today! After had a several delayed, finally we're ready to announce our 2nd publication This time we featured both local and international contributors and we are happy to see this collaboration, it's something rare to seen between Indonesian, American and European together in one editorials look :)) hopefully this issue can give more colours to our readers, please enjoy this publication and visit DEW Magazine to read the whole complete stories.