Thursday, March 10, 2011

Say hi to Alyona Subbotina

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Meet the new Givenchy Girl, Alyona Subbotina, having a runway exclusive-opening Givenchy Fall 2011 show is fantastic for rookie's debut. Alyona is from Kazahkstan and currently based in Singapore (Represented by Mannequin) where she is developing her model portfolio as well as studying at university. First time I recognize her when she's in Singapore, despite having never worked in major market, her book has gone from strength to strength.

Alyona has an awkward beauty and completely typical of Tisci's Muses-say it, Maria Carla, Lara Stone, Lakshmi Menon, Natasha Poly, Ranya Mordanova, Iris Strubegger, Daphne Groeneveld,  even Lea T with mostly of them has an intense staring look and hand-picked by Tisci itself to translate his vision, so no wonder if Alyona has been selected to opening Givenchy show, she's more than just suitable for it. Tisci also proved he's a man with an expert eye to accredited with launching the careers some of the world's leading supermodels, and I hope today will be including Alyona Subbotina. 

Now she's placed on a global exclusive, we just stay waiting patiently before she hit other runway, ad campaign or mostly editorial spread for some well known magazine. So guys, this vixen is more than ready to being watched! Let's say hi to Alyona :)

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Hair: Dark Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Height: 179cm / 5′10.5″
Bust: 83 cm / 32.5″
Waist: 60 cm / 23.5″
Hips: 87 cm / 34.5″

Place of Origin: Almaty, Kazakhstan
Date of Birth: February 13

Milan: Fashion

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Burberry Prorsum AW 2011 Review By Paulina Otylie Surys For DEW Magazine

Burberry Prorsum A/W 2011
By Paulina Otylie Surys

Rumour surrounding the massive tent of the Albert Memorial of the Kensington Garden on February 21st. Everybody was wondering what Christopher Bailey was vacant to do next after he made it rain during his last men’s fashion show. From Daisy Lowe to dearest Allison Mossheart were flown into the crowd buzzing the same question perhaps.

Well Christopher Bailey bring the snow this time with many models donned a po’boy caps and trim coats as a star. If while the rest of fashion world is obsessing over the ‘70s, Christopher Bailey looked to Jean Shrimpton and her fellow shades of ‘60s in the form of chunk wedges and retro silhouttes with a contemporary edge for the new season. Never deviating too far from the much-beloved Burberry classics, Bailey sent down coats, jackets and trenches in lovely tangerine, pea-greens to the black mink while he played a silhouette-cropping the body, dropping the shoulder and exploding the sleeves.

Fur also replaces the studs of spring summer and wraps around arms and aprons, leather is only seen on the piping cream padded macs and in super skinny ribbon belts to mid-widht-probably about two inches wide. All of the models heads were topped with black and white paneled flat caps and their hands carried the extraordinary variety of bags to match.

The show was ended with an indoor snowstorm, as a PVC-caped models did their final walk up the runway. The show was also broadcast on the big screen in London's Piccadilly Circus, with the opportunity to buy the collection right there on the spot. Talk about mod-ern convenience, I almost wish I was outside to see the crowd’s reaction.