Friday, December 14, 2012

la dame

DEW Magazine #7 Political Issue Winter 2012
'la dame'
Homage to 7 designers for Fall/Winter 2012
Photography Teuku Ajie
Styling Dinta Jakile
Hair and Make-up Tania Ledezma

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DEW Magazine #7 Political Issue

Due schedule of redesigning our official website later this year, DEW Magazine #7 Political Issue Winter 2012 is published on our journal/blog for a temporary, we apologize for this inconvenience.

December 12th 2012, We're so thrilled to announce DEW #7 Political Issue is officially published today. Exquisite cover story Andrey Korovko Photographed by Anton Ismael. DEW 7th Issue Winter 2012 recognized an area that has gone unnoticed for far too long. But lately - with our celebrity obsession spreading into politics - it's been given a well-deserved spot in the limelight. Ultimately, what we, and that includeds politicians, wear matters as it's an extension of who we are as individuals. And as such mirror the society we live in today.

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DEW Magazine #7 Political Issue Winter 2012 / Cover story Andrey Korovko at Perfect10 Photography Anton Ismael / Styling Rahajeng Puspitasari / Hair and Make-up Tia Dewi

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Coexist: Hypnotic In Its Simplicity

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The xx's Romy Madley-Croft, Oliver Sim, and Jamie Smith are back to captivate us again with their hushed soundscape off their sophomore release, Coexist. It's been three years since The xx first wrapped us around their little finger, seducing us with xx's sinister, sexy minimalism and then leaving us hanging with unsubstantiated rumors of a second album. But now, like an ex-lover you hope will return even though you know they're bad for you, they're back.

British wunderkind producer Jamie Smith (now known as Jamie xx) is like a mad scientist creating swirling, house-tinged beats. He mastered this aesthetic, couching melancholy vocals in gripping basslines and faded, knocking drums, along with enough melodic riffs to create a perfectly balanced and soulful tension. Smith creates Coexist's finest moment by both streching and magnifying the gritty beauty of his vocalists, particularly with Romy's delicate voice on the opener "Angels" set against a guitar that chimes its presence with an unhurried effortlessness. "Angels" is the record's first single, driving, soaring song that sets the album's tone, fluttering around the idea of being in love-a pretty basic concept that nonetheless provides the center of Coexist's lyrical themes. If xx was about fucking, Coexist is about dealing with the trials and tribulations of a relationship.

Record's highlight like "Sunset". "Tides", and "Swept Away" all focus on different stages of romantic love, from infatuation to frustation to all the other stuff that falls in between. These songs are danceable, but like the rest of the band's body of work, would also be the ideal soundtrack for lying on the floor of dark room and making out. Other track like "Chained" and "Fiction" are closer to xx, with shimmering bass lines and clean, tortured guitars behind their signature regret-laden observations of a relationship gone to shit. These moments reveal the subtleties that distinguish the new xx: vocals louder and clearer in the mix and instrumentals lower and heavier, making the tinny beats of "Basic Space" and "Night Time" sound pedestrian by contrast.

Coexist is so decidedly xx, with its restrained control of vocals, notes, and beats and at first listen, it seems that not much has changed. Even with one less member's contribution. Yet upon further immersion, one thing is clear, there is a maturity and purity in their sound; a combined confidence in voice, instrument, and production that is hypnotic in its simplicity. In three years impatient years have proved well worth the time -- for not only refined sound, but also a keen mastery in both production and concision.

Essential Tracks:
1. Angels
2. Fiction
3. Sunset
4. Missing
5. Swept Away

The xx perform "Angels" live in Tokyo. Directed by Jamie-James Medina

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

CAST Eyewear x Borneo

Photography Teuku Ajie
Styling Maikhanh Bertrand
Hair and Make-up Monica Lawton
Model Fahrani Empel

Check out our exclusive interview with Fahrani Empel on DEW Magazine #6 New World Issue. Visit the browser here: 

Friday, August 17, 2012

DEW Magazine #6 New World Issue

DEW Magazine #6 New World Issue is officially published last night. Now is accessible online again, exquisite cover story Natalia Andriyasova photographed by Andrew Akimov. DEW 6th Issue Fall 2012 is about clashing the cultures, aesthetics and lifestyles that fuse at the point of impact. We try redefine luxury, traditional cultures, which morph from an often negative movement into a more positive and liberating one.

On these day new channels of accesibility make it possible to redraw global history to include multiple perspectives. In other words opposites can do attract, create new cultural aesthetic by mixing brands, styles, values and icons that embody their cultural origins.

Paying a tribute for an Italian born and London based "Jewelery-Wear" designer Maria Francesca Pepe, We feature her recent collection that represent the power of love and romance. Another exlcusive coverage is Nikicio "WAR" Mixte Autumn Winter 2012, this time Nina brings the theme of war and explained the idea of woman that willing to go to war, in defense of stance and romance, but most importantly of existence. We also highlight Fahrani Empel, an Indonesian icon known from her naturally and successfully transitioned from model and actress to designer and environmental activist. Alongside with her latest project for her own avant garde eyewear label CAST eyewear (being featured on Australian RUSSH, Vogue Japan, GRAZIA Paris and been picked up by Nicola Formichetti for Lady Gaga), we paying a tribute to save Borneo forest with CAST limited editions. We completed this issue with 13 editorials submission, 4 review for best international film festivals attendees in recent months and essentials review for Metric and Niki and The Dove for they latest critical albums.

Overall we dedicate ourselves in this issue to the legacy of the future, to sense a new world with mutual understanding, and opennes among fellow. Be inspired.

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DEW Magazine #6 New World Issue Fall 2012 / Cover Story Natalia Andriyasova Photography Andrew Akimov / Hair and Make-up Maxim Grudinov

Friday, April 27, 2012

DEW Magazine #5 Cinematic Issue

DEW Magazine 5th Cinematic Issue is officially published last night. Our latest issue is now accessible online, Cover story Karla Krukenberg photographed by talented London photographer Enokae with styling by Dinta Jakile. DEW 5th Issue try to reminisce the cinematic moments back, to not enumerate, all photographic memories that evoke the past such as light and colour trigger nostalgic memories that inform palletes and textures, the grain and quality of film stock inspires tactile surfaces and vintage treatments.

Featured 21 editorial submission and exclusive preview, stills, and interview from the hottest Indonesian directors today Joko Anwar and Upi for their recent and upcoming film. We also review the best international films in recent months such as 'We Bought A Zoo', 'On The Road', 'Shame' and upcoming Wes Anderson new film 'Moonrise Kingdom'. Other than that, we have a report from Vauxhall Fashion Scout: Ones To Watch London Fashion Week A/W 2012 Menswear, exclusive preview of Kokon To Zai for their A/W 2012 collection and interview with Indonesian Designer Maria Agnes for new contemporary womenswear designer Blackheart.

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DEW Magazine #5 Cinematic Issue Summer 2012 / Cover Story Klara Krukenberg Photography Enokae / Styling Dinta Jakile / Hair Sheridan Ward Shu Uemura Art of Hair / Make-up Mel Rees using Shu Uemura / Nail artist Linh Nahm using OPI / Model Klara Krukenberg at FM Agency London

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Horrors

Bandung / The Horrors live at Dago Tea House / February 2012
Photography Teuku Ajie

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tribute to Nikicio

'Tribute to Nikicio'
Photography Teuku Ajie
Styling Hakim Satriyo
Model Katya Karpova

Don't miss our exclusive interview with Nina Nikicio on DEW Magazine #4 Music Issue. Visit the browser here:

Monday, February 6, 2012

DEW Magazine #4 Music Issue

DEW Magazine 4th Music Issue is officially published today. Our latest issue is now online, stunning cover Tereza Janakova captured by the unique New York Photographer May Lin Le Goff.  DEW 4th Issue is celebrating the art form whose medium is sound and silence, known as music by today. Alongside with 15 editorials submission from our lovely contributors, we reviewed some of essentials music album in recent months; like Lana Del Rey's Born to Die, M83's Hurry Up We're Dreaming, The Black Keys's El Camino, Florence and The Machine's Ceremonials, and Zola Jesus's Conatus. Other than that we featured the amazing talented Indonesian fashion designer Nikicio who inspired by the sounds of music for her recent collection. The opening clip also featured Indonesian rock band BRNDLS directed by Anton Ismael (our favourite photographer in Indonesia)

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Photography May Lin Le Goff
Styling Dori Jay
Hair and Make-up Nina Polugrodova
Photographic assistance Kamil Tyebally and Hektor Benavides
Styling assistance Isabel Martinez Mancebo
Model Tereza Janakova