Saturday, January 30, 2010

2 Many Djs @ Beatfest Review

One of the best show that I've ever seen in Jakarta. Magnificent performance by Dewaele brothers. Their open the show with radio transmitter stuff, using local frequency and mixing at the same time. Crazy!

My skins start crawling when some crew pull the radio soulwax backdrop and one giant screen show us how to scream well. Yeah, visual start to playing and crowd become crazier than before, and of course drugs has a good role too, perhaps pills or acid!?

I forgot what first track they had played, but they were playing kind of chemical brothers "hey boy hey girl", human resource vs. 808 state "dominator", the gossip "standing in the way of control", hot chip "ready for the floor", daft punk "robot rock", MGMT "kids", depeche mode, justice, slayer, sepultura, nirvana, etc. it's really hard to remember because my own condition was totally paralyzed.

Something what i can remember well is about visual and lighting stuff, is totally sicked! And what ever track that Dewaele brothers played, there is no constant beat! So the crowd has kind of freestyle dancing.. haha.. That guy really knows well how to make people become crazy! 

Best nite ever!


dear face, blame me for my faith
it ain't my choice to breath
my heart is ticking so I am no death
I saw he and she, and they are no sluts
sweet, shut your mouth
guess I have to conquer the world tonight
and blame me I am no fat
I saw the light and smoke my cigarette
and all that up my old-fashion closet
front me faggot I am no sad
Narrated by Dia Astari

 Photographed by Teuku Ajie for lukimages

Styled by Aldi Indrajaya

Hair and Make Up by Husein Yunior

Model by Yoland Handoko

All Outfit by Jeffry Tan 

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Acid Dreams

Australian Vogue from Greg Kadel Studios on Vimeo.

"One of the best editorial in 2009"

Greg Kadel Studios brings us some mesmerizing moment behind the scenes video from the American photographer. This latest film features Aussie beauties, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Catherine Mcneil on the set of Kadel's Vogue Australia shoot.

Both of them looks like being high of something, dreamy and enjoying acid moment, dancing and posing through folksy sound. it's really inspiring.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Introspection.

Happy New Year 2010

this year resolution :
1. let's get to be a better person
2. stop bullying others, just keep your own business
3. create something good rather than whispering someone behind
4. practice your language please
5. more saving for more better future
6. requiem for a dream
7. no effortless in real life. but yes in photo shoot
8. say hi to 8th hour sleep
9. is possible to finding love story but not for these year i guess
10. i'm getting ready to fulfill my own sky