Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Nu Year :))

"Happy Nu Year everybody :)) wishes you all have a wonderful memories this year and let's become more colourful next year, Happy 2011!!! Blow the horn!!! (kiss & hugs)"

Monday, December 20, 2010

HELLO! Introducing Marta Vorobiova

HELLO! One word that comes to turn into an introduction..

Photography Teuku Ajie
Styling Arsy Medina
Hair and Make Up Tania Ledezma
Model Marta Vorobiova at VTM

Note : Special thanks to Ian Kamil and Ema Novia at VTM :)

Climate Climax for DEW Magazine

Climate Climax from teuku ajie on Vimeo.

Impressive story by the director/photographer Shadtoto Prasetio on Climate Climax for DEW Magazine Morning Issue. Juliet Pishnyak at VTM really turning into something, taking direction well from the director, even beyond i ever imagine. Climate Climax as well as it mean is an overview of our nature condition that we're living right now. Shadtoto try to build some concept from 'Morning' Issue and he combine fact and fiction at the same time to deliver great message that are related with the global issue, is a smart one. Fashion Stylist behind this video is Reza Bustami, and i can admirely say he is the next big thing in Indonesia fashion industry, great eyes, great work, and great person as well.

You can visit DEW Magazine to read the complete story of Climate Climax, but right now DEW official site is under maintenance, you can visit later after the next few days.

"Climate Climax"

Director/Editor Shadtoto Prasetio
Fashion Stylist Reza Bustami
Hair and Make Up Tania Ledezma
Lighting Catur
Model Juliet Pishnyak at VTM

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Design Scene : Exclusive Preview DEW Magazine's Morning Issue

Once again Design Scene as a close media partner of DEW Magazine was revealed an exclusive preview for our 2nd publication yesterday. This time they featured 16 editorials coverage from both local and international contributors in our #01 morning issue. Thank you so much for all Design Scene team, thank you for opening the veil and share our stories to bigger international readers. 

Follow this link to read a complete stories from Design Scene :

DEW Magazine Morning Issue Is Officially Published!

Cover Story Photography Sianny W.
Model Drina at JIM

DEW Magazine Morning Issue is officially published today! After had a several delayed, finally we're ready to announce our 2nd publication This time we featured both local and international contributors and we are happy to see this collaboration, it's something rare to seen between Indonesian, American and European together in one editorials look :)) hopefully this issue can give more colours to our readers, please enjoy this publication and visit DEW Magazine to read the whole complete stories.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November Playlist

Sandra Backlund SS 2011

"My favourite designer who mastered handicraft knitting method Sandra Backlund just launched her new collection of SS 2011"

Photo : Thomas Klementsson
Model : Theres A

Friday, October 29, 2010

Glossom : Milan Meets Jakarta : An Interview With Teuku Ajie

'My interview with a wonderful Glossom team. Thank you so much guys for this appreciation, I really really appreciate it :)'

For a complete interview you can follow this link :

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Midnight Souls Still Remain Video Editorial

Director/Photography Teuku Ajie
Editor/Videography Shadtoto Prasetio
Styling Aldi Indrajaya
Hair and Make Up Philips Kwok
Model Renata Calheiros @ Vtm
Dara Warganegara @ B-Mgt

Monday, September 27, 2010

the corner

the corner from Madame Écureuil on Vimeo.

"I remember the corner.
The corner of your colour, the corner of your smile. The corner where we kissed.
The street corners turning into the corners of the corridor.
Into the corners of the room where we lay.
The corners of your mouth, of your eyes.
The corners of words we didn't finish.
The corner of your name.
On the corner where we parted.
I remember the corner."

Behati Prinsloo (Woman) and Jamie Strachan (Next NY) star as a stranger who meet on a corner in Beverly Hills one perfect evening. They share one night of exquisite romance and the next morning return to the same corner. This is a seductive collaboration project from i-D Magazine summer edition and (virtual space) presenting a selection of cutting edge brands for men and woman. 
It's a little bit late to posting this, but i can't hardly ignore this stunning collaboration, i think this is one of the most romantic and beautiful video editorial that i've ever seen. Great and smart concept, story, script from the name of itself, beautiful capture by Kayt Jones as a Director/photographer to put an emotional message to every single scene and i won't forget the back song on this editorial. Completely beautiful!

Director : Jay Roden and Kayt Jones
Starring : Behati Prinsloo (Woman) and Jamie Strachan (Next NY)
Styling : Pippa Vosper
Make Up : Kate Lee
Hair : John D

Note : Behati and Jamie is a real-life couple anyway, so don't be jealous guys :b

Glossom 2nd Featured

Glossom home page featured 'Midnight Souls Still Remain' editorial a couple days ago. This is my 2nd editorial that has been featured on Glossom home page. Thank you so much Glossom for being a great partner so far :)

Fashionising : Midnight Souls Still Remain

A couple days ago, I just realized that Midnight Souls Still Remain editorial has been featured on FASHIONISING. This is really mean so much to me because this is the first time that i've been featured on Fashionising and personally i wish to express my appreciation to all artist behind this editorial especially my dearest friend Aldi Indrajaya who is the stylist in this editorial. Thank you all for every support that you provide, i hope we can make something again in the future soon and at last thank you for Fashionising for give us opportunity to share our artwork, hope we can be a great partner in the future :)

For a complete story for this featured, you can follow this link : 

Thursday, September 16, 2010



Indonesian brown vixen beauty just get back from long hibernating. Suddenly shoot her after I had a trip into a white cave. Nobodies there, just me and her tail.. catching.. biting.. rolling over the floor.. enjoy :)

Photography Teuku Ajie
Styling Andhika Dharmapermana
Hair and Make Up Ria Indria
Model Advina @ B-MGT
Digital Imaging Tody Yahya

All Outfit by Popo Rickky

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Manchester, UK electro-pop duo Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson known by Hurts finally released their debut album 'Happiness' on monday september 6th. 'Happiness' delivers pretty much what has been promised from leaked tracks and singles - Synthpop that is both elegant and enigmatic sounds. Aside from 80s revival issue, Hurts present a striking contrast to the glow-in-the-dark pop stars who have been ruined the charts of late. Listening to Wonderful Life and Blood, Tears, and Gold, take me back to an era when U2 didn't suck and Depeche Mode was still a mainstream force. Sunday maybe is the only track that define brighter moment on this album, whilst Stay build an enigmatic experience and cinematic visual when u heard it, especially when the gospel choir play the part . Illuminated track somehow more like 'One Republic' sounds  that i didn't like, maybe this is kind of commercial song from this album. Same as like illuminated, Better Than Love is kind of mainstream that have been unfairly overlooked by many, but there is an exceptional for the clip, i'm in love with it. Devotion ft. Kylie Minogue will do wonders for the duo in terms of exposure but alas, but whatever people have said, i still love Kylie contribution on this track expecially the ending part. Unspoken and Water, both are my favourite tracks angular with the previous single that has been leaked. Hurts could be bring another era of electronic sounds and images on this day, despite they have been criticize through this album. But overall this album is more than worth it to listen up, especially if u want to reminisce Duran Duran, Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys era.

This is a complete list of track that i recommend you to hear from this album :
1. Wonderful Life
2. Blood, Tears and Gold
3. Sunday
4. Stay
5. Better Than Love
6. Devotion
7. Unspoken
8. Water

HURTS - Wonderful Life (Official new version) [HQ] from Four Music on Vimeo.

"This video is one of the most beautiful music clip I've ever seen on this day. Beautiful song, people, location, clothes, just perfect. The cinematography was brilliant as well. Their classic image suits the early 2000’s Dior Homme style when Hedi Slimane was the head designer. This is a beautiful mix of music and fashion"

Note : Hedi Slimane recently shoot Hurts for Dazed & Confused, and my opinion soon they will appear on Vogue Homme Cover or i-D's editorial :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

RIP Corrine Day

I was completely sad when first time i heard this news last saturday. One of the greatest british fashion photographer known by her rawness style on subject and the one who responsible discovering Kate from rise to fame had passed away. Corrine lost her fight againts the brain tumor she had been battling since being diagnosed last year.

Corrine known as an 'Anti Glamour' artist in the early 90s and the one who create 'waif' look through Kate Moss that change british fashion on this day. Despite a recent return to the fashion fold, Corinne Day remains unapologetic for taking a raw, unflinching look at the world. She ever says, "Photography is getting as close as you can to real life, showing us things we don't normally see. These are people's most intimate moments, and sometimes intimacy is sad."

But for some right reason she turned her back on the airbrushed glossiness of magazines, complaining "they're stale, just about sex and glamour, when there are other elements of beauty." This is the same feeling that have been confusing me since a couple of months ago, when people only followed and forget a honesty side of their artwork. Sometimes rawness become similarity, and characteristic being staked.

Corrine's work reminds me back actually, about our main purpose while producing an artwork. Which mean to entertain people as well as an ourself being entertained. I hope people will recognize this period, same as like Corrine thought about her times more than a decade ago.

"The 3rd Summer of Love"
Kate Moss / Photography Corrine Day
(The Face Magazine, July 1990)

My condolences go out to all her friends and family.
We know that she will be sorely missed.
Farewell my dear Corrine...

TRENDHUNTER : Enigmatic Photography

I don't know if this coincidence or not, but I'm trully feel a honored right now being featured again by TRENDHUNTER after Design Scene featured. Thank you TRENDHUNTER for always appreciate my recent work so far. Once again thank you so much :)))

Note : For a complete story you can follow this link :

Design Scene : Teuku Ajie for DEW Magazine

For the 2nd time my work has been featured on Design Scene.
Thank you Design Scene for all the opportunity that you gave to me :))

Note : For a complete story you can follow this link : 
Teuku Ajie for DEW Magazine

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

DEW Magazine Midnight Issue : Midnight Souls Still Remain

"Midnight Souls Still Remain"

DEW Magazine Midnight Issue
Photography Teuku Ajie
Styling Aldi Indrajaya
Hair and Make Up Philips Kwok
Model Renata Calheiros @ VTM
Dara Warganegara @ B-MGT

Outfit represented by three noted fashion designers from Indonesia :
Didi Budiardjo, Rinaldy A. Yunardi and Sapto Djojokartiko.