Monday, December 19, 2011

Irreverent, it's so poetic

Irreverent is a disregard for the conventional point of view, without being negative. A poetic word that reflect Carine Roitfeld's productive work over a decade, something that gave us spirit and inspiration both in life and career. Finally I can embrace this book as tight as-close, thank you to my dearest friend Dinta Jakile to bring this book for me.


Carine Roitfeld wears controversy as effortlessly as woman wear perfume. She entices it through her provocative work. Alongside the erotic discourse, the bondage, leather, and spiked heels, there is her French sophistication and Russian descent, a mix that has marked Roitfeld's vision since the beginning; hedonism, seduction, and a risk taking. It's an attitude that's been labeled her as a 'porno chic'.

Carine is a free spirit and vision, she's full of ideas and ambition, she have non conventional taste but in very a respectful way. She built a home for the best fashion photographer in the world, she know how to work, push and convince them, and the important think on these day, she's the one who taught us how to respect "the law of business" in fashion industry but at the same time how to respect our integrity and other artists.

Fashion is like a piece of art, fashion is a dream, it needs freedom because fashion without dream is not a fashion. That's the thing why she inspires young artists to emerge and express them self in a free manner and spirit.

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