Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Dressed is a documentary film by David Swajeski spotlight on Nary Manivong, a young clothing designer who defied the odd of broken childhood and homelesness to reach his ultimate dream, a show of his collection at New York Fashion Week. 'Dressed' is a cautionary tale of just how dillusioning the path to becoming a designer can be, narrated by leading fashion industry expert, student, and designers who relate their own perspectives about what it takes to make it in the highly competitive industry.

At 14, Growing up in Colombus, Ohio, Mr. Nary and his three siblings were abandoned by their parents, who were Laotian imigrants, leaving them homeless. He ever slept in a doughnut shop for several months until he met a local fashion executive who provided him a place to stay. One day he came across a copy of Vogue  Magazine and knew instantly he wanted to become a clothing designer. Making pieces out of scraps, he cobbled together his first show at 17 in Ohio but knew he had to get to NYC to make his dreams come true.

After several trips to New York, he secured a backer and debuted at New York Fashion Week in 2005 to much praise. He seemed well on his way to success until his investors pulled the plug, and he was once again left homeless and destitute. Reports said that Manivong is back and showing his latest collection -- a collaboration with Ally Hilfiger (a daughter of Tommy Hilfiger) -- at the upcoming New York Fashion Week.

This documentary is a truly motivating story about one man's journey to fulfill his dream and becoming a successful fashion designer in the big apple city. It's an inspiring reality for today generation, a flashes of trials and tribulation incurred and the perseverance and determination it takes to make it in the fashion Industry. It's an intimate alternative not a glamorous story, I would suggest keeping your eyes on butchery show, if that you're looking to, because they could be more glamorous rather than designer.

The Documentary Dressed will have a limited theatrical release in February 2011 and is already being played since February 4th. For more info on Dressed visit

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