Saturday, January 30, 2010


dear face, blame me for my faith
it ain't my choice to breath
my heart is ticking so I am no death
I saw he and she, and they are no sluts
sweet, shut your mouth
guess I have to conquer the world tonight
and blame me I am no fat
I saw the light and smoke my cigarette
and all that up my old-fashion closet
front me faggot I am no sad
Narrated by Dia Astari

 Photographed by Teuku Ajie for lukimages

Styled by Aldi Indrajaya

Hair and Make Up by Husein Yunior

Model by Yoland Handoko

All Outfit by Jeffry Tan 


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Chitra said...

Who photographed them? You? God damn Jie I didn't know you take 'that' good of photographs. I feel left out. ;p